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Remote Backup Solutions


  • RClone will be the cornerstone of my solution
  • RClone and RSync appear to be my remote backup solution for my NAS using Openmediavault.

Install RClone on Portainer

How to Install RClone via Stack in Portainer


I really want to try Rsync:

  • If using rsync, we can avail of 1.5c per gb min of 100 gb. If we don't use more than 100gb that's $1.50 per month or $18.00 per year.

Cloud Storage

Google One

  • ₱89 for 100gb ~$1.80 per month
  • ₱149 for 200gb ~$3.00 per month
  • ₱479 for 1tb ~$10.00 per month

More to check out

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • pCloud
  • Icedrive

Online Cloud Backups

document these cloud storage services

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